Quick Tips on Demolishing a House Containing Asbestos

Planning the build of your new home or renovating parts of your home is an exciting but can be a very stressful process if the presence of asbestos is discovered. Before you can start any renovations or demolition process, the asbestos containing materials will need to be safely removed from the property.

Asbestos removal is a tedious and time-consuming process as the dangerous substance will need to be removed by hand. The size of your property and the quantity of asbestos identified can take a few hours to days to properly remove. Unexpected asbestos findings can cause delays in the renovation or demolition process, along with unnecessary stress.

Tip 1: Organise a professional to conduct an asbestos audit report for the property intended to be demolished or renovated.

If you are unsure whether your property has asbestos, or if you are planning to purchase a property with the intention to demolish or renovate – it is always a good idea to organise a property asbestos audit to be conducted prior to the demolition process or before purchasing the property. Reputable asbestos inspectors/assessors* will conduct the audit at the property and will produce an Asbestos Audit report as part of their service.

*Hazaway Asbestos Removal works collaborates with reputable asbestos auditors within the industry, speak to us and we can point you to the direction of a professional to conduct an asbestos audit for your property.

It is important as a home/investment property owner, that proper research and follow-up is conducted when choosing to engage with a demolition company to start the demolition works.

Tip 2: Seek multiple quotations for demolition works and asbestos removal works, rather than just opting for the one.

Seek multiple quotations for the demolition works rather than just the one. It is also important that you feel comfortable working with the contract manager of the demolition company as this process can be a lengthy process – even if you don’t take into account any delays. If asbestos is present in the property, the demolition company will likely include the asbestos removal within their quotation. Often enough, the demolition company will engage with a contractor like Hazaway Asbestos Removal to complete the works. You may also consider taking the time to obtain quotations just for the asbestos removal works** for proper comparisons. If you notice a large discrepancy in price, speak to the demolition contractor manager to work on a fair and reasonable rate.

**Hazaway Asbestos Removal works along various renown demolition companies in Victoria. If you are unsure where to start your research, contact us to discuss your needs and we can refer you to the most suitable local demolition company to ensure a smooth process.

Tip 3: Asbestos removal quotations can be given without a site inspection/visit by reviewing the property’s Asbestos Audit Report.

If you have opted in to have your property inspected and have an Asbestos Audit report, it might be worth getting in touch with other asbestos removalists to provide a quotation for asbestos removal works based on the report. This can be an efficient way to obtain and compare quotations without having the asbestos removalist visit the property site. Plus, you won’t have to incur a call-out fee! When contacting the asbestos removalist make sure to also attach the audit report within an email.

Tip 4: Make sure your property is accessible for trucks and heavy machinery to access it.

Hard to access properties will drag the asbestos removal process as materials will need to be carried by hand from the work area into the asbestos tipper. Make sure to move or remove any outdoor furniture/hard waste/plants and large trees to ensure a clear pathway. This will result in an efficient and safe process for the asbestos removalist.

Ensuring your property is accessible is also important during the demolition process. To prepare for demolition, you may need to contact your council or licensed arborist if you have large trees which need to be cut down. During the demolition works, the company should organise temporary fencing to be fixed around your property.

Tip 5: Ask to review and obtain a copy of the Asbestos Clearance Certificate. The asbestos assessor providing the Asbestos Clearance Certificate will be an independent conducting the visual inspection of the area of works.

If you decide to contract the asbestos removal to an external company, the demolition company will request that you obtain an Asbestos Clearance Certificate. The certificate is provided by the asbestos assessor (you can use the same company who provided you with the Asbestos Audit report), who conducts a visual inspection of the property following the asbestos removal works. The Asbestos Clearance Certificate is issued after the satisfactory findings of visual inspection of the area of asbestos works and areas surrounding asbestos works. In other words, the Asbestos Clearance Certificate signifies renovation or demolition works may proceed as the hazardous asbestos materials have been safely removed.

The process of removing asbestos materials in your property does not have to be stressful if you are well prepared and have a plan in place. It is a good idea to speak to industry professionals for guidance around the process and to ensure your expectations are met. The build or renovation of a property can be a huge investment and so it is important you conduct your research well.

Hazaway Asbestos Removal holds decades of experience when removing asbestos in properties intended to be demolished or renovated. Our asbestos specialist will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns about the asbestos removal process involved in demolition. If you are ready to discuss your needs, feel free to contact us on 0432 622 292 or email info@hazaway.com.au

Author: Hazaway Asbestos Removal