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Before the dangers of asbestos became widely known, it was a commonly used building material across Australia and the rest of the world though its use has since been banned. However, unfortunately the consequences of asbestos are still felt today as buildings that come up for renovation are often found to contain the hazardous material. Indeed, most buildings built before the 1980s, and even many built before the 1990s, contain asbestos. As asbestos is most dangerous when it has been disturbed, renovations on buildings from this time period must be done with the utmost care, and health and safety at the forefront. Fortunately, residents requiring asbestos removal in Blackburn do not need to be concerned. Hazaway Asbestos Removal can take care of all your Blackburn asbestos removal needs.

If you are about to take on a renovation project in your home or commercial building, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and provide a free estimate on your project requiring asbestos removal in Blackburn.

Services for Asbestos Removal in Blackburn

The removal of asbestos has requirements that go beyond simply taking the material out of the building. At Hazaway Asbestos Removal, we have the necessary licensing and tools to properly handle your needs for asbestos removal in Blackburn.

Our services for asbestos removal in Blackburn include:

  • Asbestos Removal – We will locate any asbestos material in your building and safely and securely remove it.
  • Asbestos Disposal – Because of the hazards linked to asbestos exposure, it must be disposed of in a very specific manner. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria oversees these regulations and requires specific licensing, as held by Hazaway Asbestos Removal, for correct disposal.
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring – We will monitor the air surrounding the renovation project in question and test for the presence of asbestos fibres.
  • Asbestos Encapsulation – In certain circumstances, it may be safer to leave the asbestos material in place rather than removing it. If the situation requires, we will seal off the material so that it is unable to cause harm.
  • Asbestos Auditing & Testing – We can arrange for questionable material to be tested and analysed for the presence of asbestos.
  • Asbestos Clearance Certificate – We issue a clearance certificate once we can confirm the proper clearance of asbestos from any property.

Regardless of the extent of your needs for asbestos removal in Blackburn, Hazaway Asbestos Removal has you covered.

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Why Choose Hazaway for Your Asbestos Removal in Blackburn?

At Hazaway Asbestos Removal, we understand the frustrations that come with the discovery of asbestos on a property. Not only must it be handled with care from a health and safety aspect but we also know the emotional impact it can have. Our main goal is to take care of the headache as swiftly and easily as possible, so our customers can return to their lives as normal with the asbestos removal long behind them. We are a licensed Class B asbestos removal company, certified by EPA Victoria as well as Work Safe Victoria.



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