Asbestos Removal in Clifton Hill

Asbestos Removal in Clifton Hill, VIC 3068

Asbestos is an unfortunately consequence in the building world. Before its hazards were well known and well documented, asbestos was the go-to building material the world over. For most buildings that were constructed before the 1990s, and especially the 1980s, it is almost guaranteed they will have asbestos present. As asbestos is most dangerous when it has been disturbed and able to get into the air, remodel and restoration projects on houses and other buildings from this time period must be approached with caution. Fortunately, if you have a Clifton Hill asbestos removal project, Hazaway Asbestos Removal is able to help.

If you have a remodel project in mind, and need asbestos removal in Clifton Hill, contact Hazaway Asbestos Removal. We can be easily reached by phone at 0432 622 292 to discuss any questions you may have or to schedule a convenient time for a free estimate.

Asbestos Removal Services in Clifton Hill

The removal of asbestos is a hazardous task. Our asbestos removal professionals in Clifton Hill can help you navigate the frustrating avenue that arises after asbestos is discovered in your home or building.

Our Clifton Hill asbestos removal services include:

  • Asbestos Audits & Testing – We can take samples and analyse questionable material for the existence of asbestos fibres. This is helpful because it is not always easy to tell if a material contains asbestos or not.
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring – We perform tests on the air to determine whether or not there are asbestos particles present.
  • Asbestos Removal – We locate and remove asbestos material swiftly and securely.
  • Asbestos Disposal – Asbestos must be disposed of in a very specific manner, as laid out by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria. Hazaway Asbestos Removal is licensed for this purpose.
  • Asbestos Encapsulation – If the situation requires, we can seal off asbestos material so that it becomes inert
  • Asbestos Clearance Certificate – Once a property is completely cleared of the asbestos danger, we can issue a certificate that serves to verify it.

Whatever your Clifton Hill asbestos removal needs are, we have you covered!

Why is Hazaway Asbestos Removal Clifton Hill’s Best Choice?

The presence of asbestos is unnerving at the least. When you find yourself confronted with such a problem, you can turn to a trusted company with experience in the field, with Hazaway Asbestos Removal. Clifton Hill residents can rest assured that their asbestos issues will be calmly and efficiently handled by our friendly professionals. We are certified by Work Safe Victoria and the EPA Victoria in Class B asbestos removal. We are also fully insured and will help you sort your asbestos removal needs at a price that won’t break your bank. Our goal is to help our clients resume their remodel projects as quickly as possible.

Hazaway Asbestos Removal Melbourne Worksafe A Class B Class

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